The Carpal Solution is FDA registered and made in a FDA registered facility.

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The only clinically documented over-the-counter treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Works for over 97% of people
  • Registered with the FDA
  • Over 450,000 people have healed naturally
  • Effective treatment without surgery
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Developed by Doctors

The Carpal Solution was developed by doctors who have worked at some of the best medical institutions in the country.

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The Carpal Solution™ has helped over 450,000 people to heal naturally
and avoid surgery. Chances are, it will help you too!

"Carpal Tunnel Solution really works! I had bad pain and numbness in the fingers and I'm noticing that it's going away! These little tapes are great!"

Gina D - Chicago, IL

Musician – CA

Dr. Perrone
Dentist – NV

Randy Merrell
Expert Bootmaker – UT

Dr. Pollard
Chiropractor – NJ

Surgical Nurse – CA

Network Engineer – NJ

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You Can't Manually Stretch All Day. The Carpal Solution Stretches For You

How it works

The Carpal Solution gently stretches three key areas around the carpal tunnel. This restores blood circulation, disperses trapped inflammation, and restore flexibility to injured soft tissue.

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2Heals Soft Tissue While You Sleep

Consistent stretching at night of the soft tissue over a 6-week protocol jump-starts your body’s natural healing process. The medical grade adhesive will keep the appropriate tension needed to relieve pressure on the median nerve throughout the night.

3Years of relief

Carpal Tunnel is caused by trapped inflammation. So once your body disperses the inflammation, carpal tunnel syndrome goes away for years and sometimes for good.

The Carpal Solution can relieve symptoms in as little as one week and works for 97% of the people that try it.

Clinically Documented

Doctor Clyde Morgan, DC is a musculoskeletal specialist with over 30 years experience has documented his clinical trial of The Carpal Solution Non-Surgical Therapy for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

FDA Registered

The Carpal Solution is manufactured in an FDA registered facility compliant with GMP Standards, Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 in Clean-room / Dry-room environments.

Expert Medical Team

Our medical team has over 300 years of combined medical experience and expertise. Our goal has always been to develop a better first line treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome.

My Carpal Solution


Medical Grade Quality

The Carpal Solution is manufactured in an FDA registered facility compliant with GMP Standards, Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 in Clean-room / Dry-room environments.

  • Medical grade adhesive wrist-straps
  • Hypoallergenic materials
  • Relief in as little as a few days
  • Patented medical technology
  • Manufactured in a FDA registered facility
  • Over 450,000 people have healed naturally
  • FDA registered medical device
  • 4.9 / 5.0 average rating on independent review sites
  • Easy to apply each night
  • No Risks, No Downtime, No Complications

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Doctor NF Jones, MD, Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Director of UC Irvine Hand Center Clinical Review of the Carpal Solution

The Carpal Solution Pain Relief Promise

We do more than sell you a natural carpal tunnel home treatment Kit that works. We promise to help you achieve an all-natural solution to this chronic hand condition for life.

A promise that shows you we are genuinely here to help:

  • 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee
  • Proven Therapy Guided by Expert Doctors
  • Expertly Trained Customer Service Team backed by Doctors
  • Support to Simplify Health Insurance Reimbursement
  • 'No Strings Attached' Return Policy
  • Fast & Speedy 48-Hour Refund
  • We are your partner, committed to help you avoid the risks and downtime of Carpal Tunnel Surgery.

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First Hand Medical The Carpal Solution

Meet the team of Carpal Experts

Over 300 Years of Combined Medical Expertise

Dr. Jerome H. Grossman, MD

Co-Founder of First Hand Medical

Former Harvard Professor and President of New England Medical Center,

Dr. Joseph E. Scherger, M.D., M.P.H,

Co-Founder of First Hand Medical

Founding Dean of the University of Florida Medical School

Dr. Clyde E. Morgan, DC

Inventor Partner of First Hand Medical

Practicing Clinician Musculoskeletal Expert Advisory Board First Hand Medical

Michael E. Ruff, M.D.

Clinical Orthopedic Hand Surgeon

Associate Clinical Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at The Ohio State University